Lynchburg Fix’ns – Home of the Slop Trough Sandwich

Lynchburg Fix’ns is a generous slice of Americana served with a side of Southern hospitality!

Unfortunately, Lynchburg Fix’ns has closed since the publishing of this article. We sure do miss their fix’ns!

Discover all of the flavors of Lynchburg at Lynchburg Fix'ns

Locals (and quite a few tourists!) know this corner of the square was once home to the Iron Kettle; but in recent years, we’ve grown to love it all over again as Lynchburg Fix’ns! Owned by Ray and Tori Bean, this restaurant will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s home of our oldest son’s first job! He makes sure all of those dishes you’re eatin’ off of are sparkly clean and fit for a delicious meal.

Mr. Fix'ns Burger with Onion Rings
Mr. Fix’ns Burger with Onion Rings!

From breakfast to dinner, you can taste the passion that comes from the grill. Ray and Tori have always wanted to own a restaurant, but they both had to take on different professions until all of the stars lined up for the dream to become a reality. From cooking at Shoney’s in Fayetteville to managing at Coca-Cola, Ray has always had the drive to be successful. His wife Tori, worked as a softball coach/athletic director and coordinator for the city of Tullahoma — which makes her a pro at keeping the dining room thriving and full of guests. Together, they’re a dynamic duo!

The couple chose Lynchburg as the ideal location for their endeavor because of the tourist traffic. It had the potential for a higher success rate! Lynchburg Fix’ns now has become a local favorite because of the extra step they take using fresh ingredients for their meals. You won’t get frozen fries on your plates — only fresh, daily-cut potatoes will do the job!

Home of the Slop Trough Sandwich

Lynchburg Fix'ns Slop Trough Sandwich

What’s a Slop Trough Sandwich? It’s this beauty! Stacked between buttered slices of Texas Toast are two generous 1/3-pound patties of fresh beef, bacon, lettuce, cheese, beer-battered onion rings, and pepper jack cheese (and topped with a mist of Jack Daniel’s; please eat responsibly). … It’s not a sandwich for the faint of heart!

On Friday’s, stop in for their fish fry which comes with potatoes, green beans, baked apples, and hush puppies! I’ve heard lots of positive reviews about their frog legs, too. YUM! I haven’t had a chance to try them yet; but I will definitely be enjoying a plateful soon!

Lynchburg Fix’ns Hosts the Monthly Cruise-In on the Square!

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When you stop by Fix’ns for a meal, be sure to tell them that the Lynchburg Mama sent ya’!

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