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Scary Halloween Treat – Frankenstein Pretzel Rods

Frankenstein Pretzel Rods – Scaring Up a Yummy Halloween!

If you’re looking for a yummy and fun treat to celebrate Halloween, you’ll want to try our Frankenstein Pretzel Rods! These are the perfect snack for your home and school parties.


Supplies You’ll Need

Frankenstein Pretzel Rods

Enjoy a creepy snack for Halloween!

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  • Pretzel Rods
  • Black Gel Icing
  • Green Candy Melts
  • Candy Eyeballs
  • Black Licorice Twizzlers
  1. Open the bag of Green Candy Melts and melt over a low-medium heat on the stove. Pour melted candy melts into a tall glass.

  2. Open the bag of pretzel rods and dip each pretzel rod into the melted green candy melts. Let the excess drip off into the cup and then place the pretzel rod onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Allow the pretzels a minute or two to dry and then move the pretzels to a second cookie sheet lined with wax paper. This insures that your pretzel won’t dry in a puddle of candy melts.

  3. While you wait for your pretzels to dry, open the bag of black licorice Twizzlers. Cut one Twizzler in half and then cut the half into small pieces. These will be the neck bolts.

  4. After the pretzels have dried, dip a toothpick into the melted candy melts and dab a bit onto the Twizzlers. Place a piece on each side of his neck. Do the same with the candy eyeballs. Allow candy melts to dry.

  5. Use the black gel icing to draw a spooky mouth and a stitch onto Frankenstein. 

  6. Use the black gel icing to draw hair onto Frankenstein.

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