The Connection Between Purpose and Happiness

When we start to make a difference and live a purpose driven life, an amazing connection begins. We become happier and find our lives feeling more fulfilled. Sometimes you have to pause for a moment to see the changes happening in your life. They don’t have to be anything big like going on a year-long mission trip or setting out to cure the world of cancer. Even small gestures or “little things” that make a difference can have a big impact on how your happiness. 

Little Things in Life
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“Little” Acts of Kindness

When you help a fellow student pick up a stack of dropped books, run an errand for an elderly neighbor, loan a great book that’s had an impact on your own life to a friend, or remind a fellow grocery shopper of a left bag, it feels good doesn’t it? We like to help out and make a difference. It doesn’t matter how small the act is.

Use your personal skills to help others. For example, if you’re a great cook, make up some meals that are easy to pop into the oven. Like to clean or organize? Offer to help someone who is moving with packing and sorting items for the move. Have a couple of extra seats in your car when you pick your kid up from school? Carpooling not only helps as a time saver for everyone involved, but it also saves the environment, too!

Helping Others - Acts of Kindness
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Be social to be happy!

Socializing, in general, can be overwhelming and quite stressful. People focus on their own lives and agendas without much thought to how it affects others. Technology gives us the ability to share our thoughts as quick as we can type, text, swipe, or speak into a microphone. Once we hit send or enter, we can’t take the words back. What are you putting out there into the world?

While technology is designed to ultimately bring us closer, it seems to be creating a larger divide between people. Text messages are awesome for when you need to get a message to someone who can’t be interrupted with a phone call. Unfortunately, couples are using text messages as a tool to discuss important matters instead of speaking face-to-face. Reading is an interpretive activity and has been known to create conflict because someone didn’t clearly express themselves. 

Personally, being social is difficult for me. I don’t easily open up to others; however, I have a select few who make socializing easy. I let my hair down, so to speak, and in no time, I feel happy surrounded by these people. Laughter has always been one of the best solutions to bringing me out of a funk. You simply can’t get that type of personal connection through a text message!

Euphoria from material things don’t last

At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy, or at the very least happier than we are right now. Looking at social media and advertisements in particular, it seems that the key to happiness is more material goods. We’re made to believe that bigger and more expensive houses and cars, more clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics, workout gear and the likes are what will fulfill us. If only we can buy and accumulate enough “stuff”, we’ll feel better. Sadly, quite the opposite is true. The more you own, the more you have to worry about and take care of, taking away valuable time that you could be spending on the people in your life. 

The key to happiness isn’t to own more. It’s to live a purpose driven life and making a difference in the world. It’s one of the reasons why minimalism is becoming a popular way of life. When your life and mind isn’t cluttered with all the extra stuff, you feel calmer, more in control, and have the time and mental energy to figure out your own purpose.

A purpose driven life is one lived within our core values. It caters to our need to cooperate and work together. It strengthens our confidence and makes us feel needed and valuable. All of this leads to an increased feeling of happiness. The moral of the story is stop buying stuff you don’t need, stop chasing that high-paying job that makes you miserable for 60 hours a week and start living your life with purpose!

What makes you happy?


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The Connection Between Purpose and Happiness


  1. This is fantastic. I have always been a driven person (maybe even a pile-driver). But, I knew how to discern what my purpose was- too many of us don’t. Although this was written to help parents guide their kids, the concepts work on ourselves. To achieve a purpose driven life, we need to know what drive us, what purpose will resonate in our souls.
    Consider these questions to determine more clearly what they are.

  2. My purpose has always been to help others. All my jobs have been ‘helping’ jobs – whether it was teaching nursery school, being a hairdresser, Virtual Assistant, and now helping the elderly in my community with their shopping and stuff. I also volunteer at the hospital. All I want to do is make a difference in someone’s life….no matter how small.

  3. I so enjoy helping people in any way I can, whether it be in person or even offering support online to someone. Yes, I do believe that is my purpose.

  4. I enjoyed a recent Ty card from my neighbor for a blanket, hat and booties I crocheted for her unborn son. I enjoy making people smile and happy! She was surprised to receive it and loves it.

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